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1. Zhang Feng 13/03/2012

I am rarely stimulated enough to write in with comments, and this is probably as public as I would go… but the below article written about the Kate Middleton/ Reiss dress worn when she met the Obamas last week, sent me on a bit of a mission to air my views as the matter is very much close to my heart.fake watches
Manufacturing in Great Britain is something I know a great deal about, being a designer, manufacturer and retailer for (a label which credits itself on producing wonderfully and immaculately tailored dresses in Great Britain.) It is a matter about something which I have experienced and experience on a daily basis and a matter which I strive to conquer.moncler jackets
The article written by Liz Jones for the daily mail is spot on.
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In short the article is about David Reiss, the owner and founder of Reiss, being somewhat accused of producing his garments in a ‘sweat shop’, and Kate Middleton who in wearing a Reiss dress, had therefore been accused of buying into this process.

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