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1. wei liu 25/06/2012

Firstly, replicas are not waterproof. Although most of them claim to be water-resistant to 30 meters, it is a lie. Submerging them under even one meter of water will certainly ruin the
replica watches
permanently. As replicas are not designed to repel water, avoid contact with water at all costs. A watch marked as water resistant without a depth indication is designed to withstand accidental splashes of water only. Higher levels of water resistance are indicated by increasingly higher acceptable depths, usually indicated in meters.
Cartier has been making
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for a long time, but no one like this Tortue XL model takes people’ breath away. In the Cartier Art collection, this jaguar motif is the sixth animal motif
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. The watch is excellently crafted that the staring realistic eyes of the jaguar and the fur have an impressive hypnotic power that would mislead people as seeing a real jaguar. The realistic achievement was achieved by Cartier’s skillful craftsmen who delicately used a flat graver and a slender point-graver. Though the realistic pattern on a small watch is really a tough job, with professional skill and the perfect craftsmanship, the work is not impossible. But in return, we get this fabulous unbelievable watch.

2. Citylove 02/01/2011

Salut !

Merci de ton commentaire :D Il faut que tu enregistre l'image en GIF. Souvent, ce n'est que cela. Je ne suis pas une spécialiste, si ça ne fonctionne pas, tu devrais me donner ton adresse e-mail pour que je puisse t'expliquer mieux et que tu me montre des screenshot ^^

3. Gaby 27/12/2010

C'est gif sont magnifique mais je n'arrive pas à les réutilisés :S cela ne me donne que des images --'
Comment je peux faire ?

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